Monday, April 4, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

Its that time of year, everything is in bloom and Iam ready to start planting. Here's how I start my seeds. My 2 year old Chloe and I decided to do this on a blanket outside, since it was so beautiful yesterday. We learned to keep the napkins, seeds and bags weighed down very quickly. After a couple games of chase the napkins and seeds hurry!!! LOL my two little ones thought it was fun.

Things You'll Need:
1. Seeds of your choosing
2. Ziploc bags
3. Paper towels (or napkins) I use p.t. but was out so I used napkins.
4. Permanent Marker or markers
5. Water

1. Fold paper towel in half and wet
2. Place your seeds from the pack, spread them out.
3. fold paper towel again covering the seeds. If using napkins. wet one place seeds add another on top and  wet.
4. Make sure the paper towel/napkin is nice and wet, not dripping though.
5. Take marker and write the seed name on a Ziploc bag.
6. Carefully place the towel/napkin into Ziploc.
7. seal all but a little slit, blow hot air into bag. (Like when you fog up your glasses to clean them)
8. place in window seal or a place where they get light.

I also lay mine outside during nice days, and bring them in at night. I also put them on the dryer ever once in awhile, it steams them back up. It good when you have a couple days in a row of now no sun or cold. Make sure the towel/napkins are always moist but not too moist or it will mold.

Dont Forget to save your packets, so you know how to grow them once they are ready!!!!

I keep mine in another ziploc bag

Good Luck and Happy Gardening. I will be posting more on and about my garden once my little seedlings hatch.

                                                      My Sunbathing Seedlings
                                                                  (Day 2)
Day 7 my little baby seeds have all sprouted out of thier shells and are ready for soil.
Heres my nurseries