Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring/Easter Wreath


This is my first blog and like most will be, its a crafting tutorial. I'am so ready for sunshine, flowers, warm weather and well.... Spring!!! I decided to make a Spring wreath, but since it took me till almost April I decided to add in some Easter touches that I can remove after that wonderful day. I just want to add most all my materials come from Hobby Lobby, it is my home away from home and if I could yes, I would live there haha. I will try my best at where I got my items and how much they cost. This project unfortunately was thought of about a month ago, so I don't have the receipt and will be guessing as to what I remember the prices to be. Now that I'am blogging I will do a better job at keeping the receipts for a better price frame (not that you can really read a Hobby Lobby receipt anyways lol)

Finished Wreath


(1) Grapevine wreath, the size is your choice, I chose a med to big one (not the biggest they have though) Hobby Lobby $5.99 w/weekly specials 50% off

(2) white spray paint D.G. $1 buck-ola ;) (3) 3 Fancy Easter eggs H.L. (wanna say 99 cents each with the 40% off Easter stuff) (4) 1 square patch of grass H.L. 3.99 w/40% off

(5) 1 pack of lil flower crafts H.L. $1.99w/40% off

(6) 2 big Gerber flowers H.L. 99 cents each w/50% off

(7) Glue gun (had)

(8) Embellishments for Easter bucket (had sadly for 4 years, a gift from a friend just not getting around to use them lol) those are the lil bunnies and carrots on the buckets.

(9) Extra flowers (had due to me being a huge flower decorator, I use them with everything)

(10) Little bucket (you don't have to do the bucket, I already had it from a garage sale and thought it would be a cute touch)

(11) Ribbon of you choice, I had that green already. I wasn't going to put ribbon on, then changed my mind in the end.

(12) Green floral wire (had already)

(13) 2 cute little butterflies H.L. 99 cents-$1.99 w/50% garden decor Gotta love H.L and all their sales ;)

(14) Last but not least a WELCOME sign, or SPRING or EASTER what ever tickles your fancy H.L. I cant remember I want say $7.99w/40% off

(Side Note) I just want to add I wired everything on the wreath, the only use of the hot glue gun was used on the embellishments for the Easter bucket.


Step 1 - I took the wreath outside and spray painted both front back, and any angle I could get at (sorry no pic, I didn't know I would be blogging this lol)

Step 2 - I wired on the WELCOME sign

Step 3 - Took the floral wire under the branched brought the up and twisted, to get ready for the grass.

Step 4 - I cut the grass square in half and wired it to the wreath.

Step 5 - Wired on butterflies and flowers all over to your liking.

Step 6 - Stick the Easter eggs where you like them then break the stick off that show behind the wreath. You could wire them but mine feel nice and secure so I did not.

Step 7 - Make your Easter bucket, I hot glued some cute scrapbook embellishments on the bucket and stuffed it full of Easter grass.

Finished Easter Bucket

Step 8 - Wrap some cute Spring colored ribbon around to fill in the empty spots.

Well I hope I covered everything, this is my first blog and I have an annoyed husband waiting for me to finish, so I will wrapped this up. I have learned I need to blog while hubby is at work lol. I hope you enjoyed :)

Here's some extra photos