Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun Easter Bath

Easter Bath
Saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it! It was a success with both my bathing beauties.
I filled 6 eggs with pom poms and little flowers for Chloe to hunt.
Then I took about 5 bags of Easter basket grass and spread it on top.
I think this would work better in a normal size tub, the grass would be thicker.
Also added it some some foam pieces like a Princess crown and build your own flip flops.
Throw in the kids and the FUN begins!!!
To clean up I grabbed as much grass and put it in a strainer, then once I put that grass away I used the strainer to scoop out the rest.
Little sister joins the Fun!

Chloe posed for a pic before she began.

 I found some pom poms!
Once Caylin could reach some grass in went straight to the mouth lol

Chloe quickly helps

Made and crown and flip flops

And the clean up!