Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY Marquee Sign


I love Marquee signs!!!
There's a nostalgia about them, they remind me of the Roaring 20's when buildings were lit up with these big, bright, magnificent signs.
I'm a little obsessed with that era, the clothes the glamor, the music. Also it doesn't help that I've been watching the Great Gatsby a lot lately. Chicago also comes to mind also when I think of Maquee Signs.
Anyways I've always wanted a Marquee sign and up till now thought it was totally out of my reach. I mean they are big metal pieces with industrial lights lol. Well not anymore!!! Here's a DIY on a much easier and smaller scale for your home. I still one day would love a giant metal one, but for now this will work.
1. Any Acrylic paint: I used an orange
2. 12″ paper mache letters from Joann’s or Hobby Lobby (I got mine at H.L. while they were 30%          off this week) I went with FALL, since its almost here :)
3.  Lights. I used what I had which was a 100 count Christmas light but next time I will  get a smaller count for smaller words. I had a lot left over this time on each side of my sign. Its ok though cause I love lights!!!
4. Foam brush
5.  Decoupage
6. Last but not least GLITTER!!!
  1. First things first, using a box cutter knife, remove the FACE of each cardboard letter. Remove the inside, zig zag looking paper. (you can also take sandpaper and smooth the edges if its not cut clean.
  2. Paint the outside and inside orange
  3. Paint decopauge on the inside (I did the back and sides of the inside)
  4. Sprinkle Glitter, let dry and repeat if you like.
  5. Then Put a layer of decopoudge to seal the glitter.
  6. Using a pencil, mark where each bulb will go, depending on how many bulbs you want. I used a lot lol
  7. Drill a 29/6″ hole through each white pencil mark, (the same as your light.)
  8. Push each light bulb into the hole, so it wont fall out.
  9. Because of how the strands are made, the string won’t match up exactly with the number of holes so using bakers twine (or small zip ties) simply tie the extra lights down to the strand.
  10. To connect the strands to the next letter, simply hide the access behind and keep going starting at the bottom of the letter. drilling, filling in until your Halloween marquee lights are finished and Sparkly glowing
Because the strands are a bit bulky, and its just paper mache letters they have a hard time standing up by themselves so I propped them. And let me tell you the picture does not show how beautiful and sparkly these are. I cant wait to make one for each Holiday :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Halloween Decorating

I'm compiling all my past Halloween/Fall decorating pictures for decorating ideas
My Witch Corner 2010

Easy Creepy Halloween Wreath.
I took an old Christmas wreath sprayed it black, added skeleton hands and spiders from the $1 then Spider webs.
Fireplace 2012

My Little Witch