Friday, April 22, 2011

Jelly Bean Prayer

                                    Jelly Bean Prayer

I love this little Prayer and its so fun and a simple little thing to do with the kids. I sort through the jelly beans prior to doing it with them, and put a bean of each color in an egg for each kid. That way we can go through it together and they can eat each bean as we go. On the prayer it says a bag full of jelly beans, but I say an egg full when were doing it. Have fun with this one, I know your little ones will love it, mine do :)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Yes I was screaming that as I typed it. I love to decorate almost as much as I love to craft. I change my table arrangements at least once a month and to go with all the seasons. I just wanted to share my Picture Wall, and yes the table that is there in the pic has been moved and replaced with a different table and different decor lol. But will make its way back soon Iam sure. Call it ADD or OCD ahhh just call me CRAZY!!! Here's my wall

So I just realized as I was uploading, it must have been Halloween. So this table and decor has been changed 4 times since then lol. The table now is currently sporting Easter Decor.

                                                              Plates and this frame made by me :)

I will blog about the plate and frame soon (I hope lol)

A craft a day keeps the shrink away???

A craft a day keeps the shrink away???? Hmmm I totally would agree with myself, I love crafting or creating. Its almost like free therapy for me, its relaxing, and lets me express myself. I just wish I had time for a craft a day. I might have to change that in the near future and make myself take time each day to work on something that makes me happy :)

Here's my most recent creation: My mosaic, scrapbook paper, decoupaged table. And that's what I'll call it!!! Haha, try and say that three times lol. I wasn't really going for a mosaic look, but as I started piecing it all together, I liked how it was looking and just went with it.

Material: An old table or piece of furni you want to vamp up, Spray paint (black in this case), scrapbook paper of your choice, and decoupage I use MOD PODGE (MATTE-MAT-MATE) from Hobby Lobby.


1. wipe clean and make sure its dry.
2. Spray paint (let dry of course)
3. Tear scrapbook paper into pieces laying them on the table. I start with bigger pieces, and do this till its covered. I then move them around till I like how it looks.
4. Start in a small section moving away tops pieces and glueing the bottom pieces then glueing the tops pieces. The design will change some during this process, sometimes for me it changes completely lol. I just go with it.
5. once you have the table covered as you like it, place a coat of M.P on the whole thing, I did mine in a circle stroke since the table is round.
6. I then get down eye level to the table and look for air bubbles, they can easily been smoothed out with your fingers.
7. Let dry and re coat with the M.P, I did three coats.

                                                                Creating the look stage:

                                                             MOD PODGE Stage:

And DONE!!!
Cute new addition to my bedroom

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whats Cookin Good Lookin

Yay another first for me, a subject I have blogged about yet. COOKING!!! I love cooking almost as much as I love eating haha. I will be adding some recipes I have been making for years and new ones I come across. 'Iam always looking for great new recipes for my hungry family. Right now I'am currently on a new diet that has a strict 500 calorie a day plan. I'am limited to what meats, veggies, and fruit I can eat and how much. So I have been experimenting and making new dishes I can eat safely. So I will be adding some of these as well. I hope you enjoy all my Yummy Recipes.

My first recipe is something I whipped up today for my 500 calories diet:

I will call it Chicken, spinach stir fry with seasoned cherry toms and apples.

1. Cooked shreeded chicken breast (about3/4 a cup) I boil my chicken
2. 3 handfuls of fresh spinach leaves, rinsed, and tore a little.
3. 1/2 an apple sliced
4. 1 cup cherry tomatoes sliced in half.

I took the wet spinach lettuce and put it in my wok on Med. Then tossed in the chicken. Add salt/pepper/onion powder/ and real garlic to your liking. I also shake in red chili powder, this has been a life saver for my with this diet, well that and garlic.

Toss and cook till spinch is soft. Season your tomatoes with salt/pepper/garlic salt/ and chili powder.
Serve and eat. This actually had alot more flavor than I though it would and filled me up.

Now to figure out what to do with chicken and some kind of veggie for dinner. Iam trying to chane it up so I dont want to quit my diet plan.

Cleaning Cures the Crazies

Hello lovely ladies, this is my first blog about cleaning things. I have a motto "Cleaning cures the Crazies" and it is so true for me. I get so crazy and mad when I cant find things, or just walking through a dirty house. Iam not saying my house is spotless all the time lol. NO WAY, that's true. But I know that once things that don't belong on the counter, floor, beds and such are put away. I feel much saner and feel good about doing other things that I actually want to do. This will be one out of the many cleaning techniques I have been doing for years and new ways of cleaning I have come across.
My first cleaning tip is a simple vinegar/baking soda cleanser for your microwave. Here's how I do it.


My sad microwave before:

What to do: Clean the microwave by boiling a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar until it steams up (time depends on your mic, mine is not so great so took about 10 mins I did a 5 checked it then another 5 mins). Wipe clean

After Cleaned:

Now you ask what is the baking soda for??? Its for those tough spots that don't want to wipe clean easily. I have a top cooker so that's what I used it for. I put a little water in a bowl with some shakes of the B.S. You want it wet but also a little gritty, it scrubs it off like comet but completely natural.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

Its that time of year, everything is in bloom and Iam ready to start planting. Here's how I start my seeds. My 2 year old Chloe and I decided to do this on a blanket outside, since it was so beautiful yesterday. We learned to keep the napkins, seeds and bags weighed down very quickly. After a couple games of chase the napkins and seeds hurry!!! LOL my two little ones thought it was fun.

Things You'll Need:
1. Seeds of your choosing
2. Ziploc bags
3. Paper towels (or napkins) I use p.t. but was out so I used napkins.
4. Permanent Marker or markers
5. Water

1. Fold paper towel in half and wet
2. Place your seeds from the pack, spread them out.
3. fold paper towel again covering the seeds. If using napkins. wet one place seeds add another on top and  wet.
4. Make sure the paper towel/napkin is nice and wet, not dripping though.
5. Take marker and write the seed name on a Ziploc bag.
6. Carefully place the towel/napkin into Ziploc.
7. seal all but a little slit, blow hot air into bag. (Like when you fog up your glasses to clean them)
8. place in window seal or a place where they get light.

I also lay mine outside during nice days, and bring them in at night. I also put them on the dryer ever once in awhile, it steams them back up. It good when you have a couple days in a row of now no sun or cold. Make sure the towel/napkins are always moist but not too moist or it will mold.

Dont Forget to save your packets, so you know how to grow them once they are ready!!!!

I keep mine in another ziploc bag

Good Luck and Happy Gardening. I will be posting more on and about my garden once my little seedlings hatch.

                                                      My Sunbathing Seedlings
                                                                  (Day 2)
Day 7 my little baby seeds have all sprouted out of thier shells and are ready for soil.
Heres my nurseries

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring/Easter Wreath


This is my first blog and like most will be, its a crafting tutorial. I'am so ready for sunshine, flowers, warm weather and well.... Spring!!! I decided to make a Spring wreath, but since it took me till almost April I decided to add in some Easter touches that I can remove after that wonderful day. I just want to add most all my materials come from Hobby Lobby, it is my home away from home and if I could yes, I would live there haha. I will try my best at where I got my items and how much they cost. This project unfortunately was thought of about a month ago, so I don't have the receipt and will be guessing as to what I remember the prices to be. Now that I'am blogging I will do a better job at keeping the receipts for a better price frame (not that you can really read a Hobby Lobby receipt anyways lol)

Finished Wreath


(1) Grapevine wreath, the size is your choice, I chose a med to big one (not the biggest they have though) Hobby Lobby $5.99 w/weekly specials 50% off

(2) white spray paint D.G. $1 buck-ola ;) (3) 3 Fancy Easter eggs H.L. (wanna say 99 cents each with the 40% off Easter stuff) (4) 1 square patch of grass H.L. 3.99 w/40% off

(5) 1 pack of lil flower crafts H.L. $1.99w/40% off

(6) 2 big Gerber flowers H.L. 99 cents each w/50% off

(7) Glue gun (had)

(8) Embellishments for Easter bucket (had sadly for 4 years, a gift from a friend just not getting around to use them lol) those are the lil bunnies and carrots on the buckets.

(9) Extra flowers (had due to me being a huge flower decorator, I use them with everything)

(10) Little bucket (you don't have to do the bucket, I already had it from a garage sale and thought it would be a cute touch)

(11) Ribbon of you choice, I had that green already. I wasn't going to put ribbon on, then changed my mind in the end.

(12) Green floral wire (had already)

(13) 2 cute little butterflies H.L. 99 cents-$1.99 w/50% garden decor Gotta love H.L and all their sales ;)

(14) Last but not least a WELCOME sign, or SPRING or EASTER what ever tickles your fancy H.L. I cant remember I want say $7.99w/40% off

(Side Note) I just want to add I wired everything on the wreath, the only use of the hot glue gun was used on the embellishments for the Easter bucket.


Step 1 - I took the wreath outside and spray painted both front back, and any angle I could get at (sorry no pic, I didn't know I would be blogging this lol)

Step 2 - I wired on the WELCOME sign

Step 3 - Took the floral wire under the branched brought the up and twisted, to get ready for the grass.

Step 4 - I cut the grass square in half and wired it to the wreath.

Step 5 - Wired on butterflies and flowers all over to your liking.

Step 6 - Stick the Easter eggs where you like them then break the stick off that show behind the wreath. You could wire them but mine feel nice and secure so I did not.

Step 7 - Make your Easter bucket, I hot glued some cute scrapbook embellishments on the bucket and stuffed it full of Easter grass.

Finished Easter Bucket

Step 8 - Wrap some cute Spring colored ribbon around to fill in the empty spots.

Well I hope I covered everything, this is my first blog and I have an annoyed husband waiting for me to finish, so I will wrapped this up. I have learned I need to blog while hubby is at work lol. I hope you enjoyed :)

Here's some extra photos