Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring/Easter Wreath


This is my first blog and like most will be, its a crafting tutorial. I'am so ready for sunshine, flowers, warm weather and well.... Spring!!! I decided to make a Spring wreath, but since it took me till almost April I decided to add in some Easter touches that I can remove after that wonderful day. I just want to add most all my materials come from Hobby Lobby, it is my home away from home and if I could yes, I would live there haha. I will try my best at where I got my items and how much they cost. This project unfortunately was thought of about a month ago, so I don't have the receipt and will be guessing as to what I remember the prices to be. Now that I'am blogging I will do a better job at keeping the receipts for a better price frame (not that you can really read a Hobby Lobby receipt anyways lol)

Finished Wreath


(1) Grapevine wreath, the size is your choice, I chose a med to big one (not the biggest they have though) Hobby Lobby $5.99 w/weekly specials 50% off

(2) white spray paint D.G. $1 buck-ola ;) (3) 3 Fancy Easter eggs H.L. (wanna say 99 cents each with the 40% off Easter stuff) (4) 1 square patch of grass H.L. 3.99 w/40% off

(5) 1 pack of lil flower crafts H.L. $1.99w/40% off

(6) 2 big Gerber flowers H.L. 99 cents each w/50% off

(7) Glue gun (had)

(8) Embellishments for Easter bucket (had sadly for 4 years, a gift from a friend just not getting around to use them lol) those are the lil bunnies and carrots on the buckets.

(9) Extra flowers (had due to me being a huge flower decorator, I use them with everything)

(10) Little bucket (you don't have to do the bucket, I already had it from a garage sale and thought it would be a cute touch)

(11) Ribbon of you choice, I had that green already. I wasn't going to put ribbon on, then changed my mind in the end.

(12) Green floral wire (had already)

(13) 2 cute little butterflies H.L. 99 cents-$1.99 w/50% garden decor Gotta love H.L and all their sales ;)

(14) Last but not least a WELCOME sign, or SPRING or EASTER what ever tickles your fancy H.L. I cant remember I want say $7.99w/40% off

(Side Note) I just want to add I wired everything on the wreath, the only use of the hot glue gun was used on the embellishments for the Easter bucket.


Step 1 - I took the wreath outside and spray painted both front back, and any angle I could get at (sorry no pic, I didn't know I would be blogging this lol)

Step 2 - I wired on the WELCOME sign

Step 3 - Took the floral wire under the branched brought the up and twisted, to get ready for the grass.

Step 4 - I cut the grass square in half and wired it to the wreath.

Step 5 - Wired on butterflies and flowers all over to your liking.

Step 6 - Stick the Easter eggs where you like them then break the stick off that show behind the wreath. You could wire them but mine feel nice and secure so I did not.

Step 7 - Make your Easter bucket, I hot glued some cute scrapbook embellishments on the bucket and stuffed it full of Easter grass.

Finished Easter Bucket

Step 8 - Wrap some cute Spring colored ribbon around to fill in the empty spots.

Well I hope I covered everything, this is my first blog and I have an annoyed husband waiting for me to finish, so I will wrapped this up. I have learned I need to blog while hubby is at work lol. I hope you enjoyed :)

Here's some extra photos


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Camille said...

Thanks so much. Iam still working on it. Iam new to this and trying to figure it all out lol.

Jodie said...

Good Job, Camille!

Camille said...

Thanks Jodie :)