Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cleaning Cures the Crazies

Hello lovely ladies, this is my first blog about cleaning things. I have a motto "Cleaning cures the Crazies" and it is so true for me. I get so crazy and mad when I cant find things, or just walking through a dirty house. Iam not saying my house is spotless all the time lol. NO WAY, that's true. But I know that once things that don't belong on the counter, floor, beds and such are put away. I feel much saner and feel good about doing other things that I actually want to do. This will be one out of the many cleaning techniques I have been doing for years and new ways of cleaning I have come across.
My first cleaning tip is a simple vinegar/baking soda cleanser for your microwave. Here's how I do it.


My sad microwave before:

What to do: Clean the microwave by boiling a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar until it steams up (time depends on your mic, mine is not so great so took about 10 mins I did a 5 checked it then another 5 mins). Wipe clean

After Cleaned:

Now you ask what is the baking soda for??? Its for those tough spots that don't want to wipe clean easily. I have a top cooker so that's what I used it for. I put a little water in a bowl with some shakes of the B.S. You want it wet but also a little gritty, it scrubs it off like comet but completely natural.

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