Monday, April 11, 2011

A craft a day keeps the shrink away???

A craft a day keeps the shrink away???? Hmmm I totally would agree with myself, I love crafting or creating. Its almost like free therapy for me, its relaxing, and lets me express myself. I just wish I had time for a craft a day. I might have to change that in the near future and make myself take time each day to work on something that makes me happy :)

Here's my most recent creation: My mosaic, scrapbook paper, decoupaged table. And that's what I'll call it!!! Haha, try and say that three times lol. I wasn't really going for a mosaic look, but as I started piecing it all together, I liked how it was looking and just went with it.

Material: An old table or piece of furni you want to vamp up, Spray paint (black in this case), scrapbook paper of your choice, and decoupage I use MOD PODGE (MATTE-MAT-MATE) from Hobby Lobby.


1. wipe clean and make sure its dry.
2. Spray paint (let dry of course)
3. Tear scrapbook paper into pieces laying them on the table. I start with bigger pieces, and do this till its covered. I then move them around till I like how it looks.
4. Start in a small section moving away tops pieces and glueing the bottom pieces then glueing the tops pieces. The design will change some during this process, sometimes for me it changes completely lol. I just go with it.
5. once you have the table covered as you like it, place a coat of M.P on the whole thing, I did mine in a circle stroke since the table is round.
6. I then get down eye level to the table and look for air bubbles, they can easily been smoothed out with your fingers.
7. Let dry and re coat with the M.P, I did three coats.

                                                                Creating the look stage:

                                                             MOD PODGE Stage:

And DONE!!!
Cute new addition to my bedroom

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Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

This turned out so cute! Great job :)